Located below the steep climb to the summit of Cradle Mountain, in the world famous Cradle Mountain National Park. 

This hut is on the main overland track and is designed for shelter. Walkers are not to stay in the hut overnight, unless in an emergency. It is also a very exposed place to camp, and not recommended.

Brief History

Kitchen hut was built after Gustav Weindorfer, the first settler at Cradle Mountain, began bringing guests to his home in the forest, "Waldheim" about 3Km north of Dove Lake, under Cradle Mountain. 

There was a previous single-storey hut on this site, known unofficially as "Cradle Mountain Hut". It formed the base for Kitchen Hut.

The hut is two-stories high, allowing an upper access point, when the snow is deep. It is famous as a shelter for bushwalkers, heading south on their first day in "The Park". The area often abounds with strong winds, rain and snow, even in mid summer - although when the weather is good - it's spectacular.

About 3m square, two story, with rubble stone for a base and split shingles and weatherboards for the walls. Wooden shingle roof and wooden floor.


There is now a composting toilet nearby, beside a small tarn.

Caretakers - NPWS


Many, including most local guides.

Profile last updated 20 June, 2015.