Tasmanian Huts

photo of claytons corner hut melaleuca tasmaniaLocated at Port Davey, Bathurst Harbour, South West National Park. 


The Damper Inn was so named as it was "damper in than out".

[No photo] Located in Coles Bay near to the Quarry.

There was a three side rough-hewn timber slab shelter near the bay.

Location At the end of the Collins Bonnet Road

Located in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, on the southern side of The Temple, and surrounded by the Wailing Wall and East Wall. 

Cooks Beach

Half way down the western side of the peninsula lies....

Located at the northern end of Dove Lake, at Cradle Mountain.

Located, about 300m inland from Point Eric, at Cox Bight, South West National Park. It appears on older editions of the Old River Map at 388 845.

Located about half an hours walk south of Kia Ora Hut.

Located in the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park.

Located 7 miles north of Cynthia Bay, on a point jutting into Lake St Clair.