Tasmanian Huts

Located by Little Horn Mountain Cradle Mountain National Park.

Located on Bruny Island, Tasmania. 

Located on the traverse track from the Springs Hotel site, and a little further north from Rock Cabin, Mt Wellington.

Located on Schouten Island.


Historic shelter for graziers and fishermen. Now being restored by the NPWS.

Profile last updated 22 August 2006.

Also known as The Hobart Walking Club Ski hut.

Located at the northern end of the Mount William National Park.

Location - Darlington port at Maria Island National Park.

Located at the start of the track to Mount Eliza.

Located on the February Plains, north of the Arm River, about 50m into the pine forest.

Located at Collinsvale near the head of the Myrtle Forest Road to Collinsvale.

Location beside the airstrip and old tin mines at Port Davey, South West National Park.

Located at the northern end of Lake St Clair.