Tasmanian Huts

Located at Twilight Tarn, Tarn Shelf, Mt Field National Park.

Located at the Windermere Plains, north Cradle-Mountain National Park.

Located in the northern end of the Cradle Mountain National Park, just before arriving at Lake Dove and the start of the Overland Track.

The hut shown here is the first Windy Ridge hut, made entirely of timber, with the walls being of split pine shingles.

Located below the Cirque on the southern side of Cradle Mountain.

Also known as Sunshine Hut or Maf Carter's Hut sits on private land just outside the National Park.

Dudley's Hut sits right next to it, and was built quite recently by a dentist of that name.

Profile last updated 22 August 2006.

Location - Central Plateau.