Victorian Huts

Photo of Basalt Knob Hut

Also known as The Railway Carriage.

Origininally a storage shed at the Dargo Sawmill.


Photo: Bill Statton, 1998

Photo of Black snake creek hut

Located at Black Snake Creek beside the road from Dargo to the Wonnangatta Valley and on the edge of the Crooked River. 

Photo: Gary Duncan 2003.

Located at New Country Spur, Bogong High Plains, off the Big River Fire Track (GR 322258) - Nelse 1:25000 map T8324-2-4 UTM E532200 N5925820. In the Alpine National Park. Burnt down 2003.

Located on the Howqua Track at Howqua. Buller South map GR426841.


Also known as Kelly's Howqua Hut.

Located at Bentley Plain, near to Moscow Villa, SE of Omeo. Also known as The Bentley Hilton

Photo of blairs hutLocated on West Kiewa Logging Road, Snake Valley. 

Photo: Gary Duncan

Located on the Upper Howqua Road, Howqua River. Shown on the Buller-Stirling map at GR593864. The 1:25,000 map is T8223-4-3 and AMG Zone 55: 459473, 5886503. Accessible by 4WD.

photo of blairs top hut

Located at Simmonds Gap, Dungey Gap and shown on the Fainter map.

Photo: Gary Duncan 2003


Log cabin, with dirt floor and skillion iron roof.

Profile last updated 27 July 2004.

Located on the Alpine Road, at Corbetts Flats. On the Bogong High Plains map GR059085. The 1:25,000 map is Bogong Alpine T8324-3-3 and shows the location as AMG Zone55: 505900,5908500.

Located beside the road, about 6 km before Mt Hotham Resort.


Photo of bivouac hut

Located on the Staircase Spur Walking Track, Staircase Spur Mt Bogong.

Photo: Fiona Magnussen 2003.

Also known as Staircase Hut.

Located at The Bluff Track, The Bluff and showing on the Howitt Selwyn map at GR577810.