photo of faithfulls hutLocated at Buckety Plain, Bogong High Plains Road, and at GR292123 on the Bogong High Plains Map, elevation 1500m.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1993


The Faithfull family first mustered brumbies in this area then brought cattle to the High Plains in 1920 through to the 1950's.

The hut was built in 1962 by George and Maurice Faithfull, Ken and Colin Faithfull, Gordon Toland, Jim Ray and Percy Huggins. George Faithfull Jr took over Run GB40 from Walter Greenwood in 1950. His son Peter, has the current lease with his brother Richard, holding one nearby.


Faithfulls is a gabled hut, (more of a homestead) built of galvanised iron, it is 3.7 by 5.7m in size and is unlined. It has a timber floor with bunks for 6 and furniture. It has a fireplace serviced by a galvanised iron chimney.

Caretakers- Faithfull family.


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