Located at Kellys Track, Marms Point. On the Bogong High Plains map - GR323186.

Brief History

George Silas Fitzgerald was born at Omeo in 1867, son of American, Edward Fitzgerald and mother Mary Gallagher. George lived at Shannon Vale where his father had been a gold prospector.

George contracted to build the Ensay to Doctors Flat Road and later the Tambo Valley Road. He built Fitgeralds Hut in 1903. Originally it was shingled and he later covered it with corrugated iron in 1928.

The hut received serveral modifications and later George offered it as Open House, in particular to the Melbourne Women's Walking Club.

The hut was destroyed by fire in 1991, after the chimney caught on a school camping trip, and by that time was in disorder anyway. The hut seen today was rebuilt in 1993, with aid of supporters from the Wallangarra Youth Group of Licola - if only this could happen in Kosciusko!

[Which it did in 2004, thanks to the efforts of KHA members, including Olaf Moon, the original builder of this website!]


The new hut is 6m to the south of the old, and is of drop slab construction, made from railway sleepers. The floor is 150mm hardwood butt jointed,and the roof is gabled iron. It is built to last, with bunks and a toilet nearby.

Caretakers - none known.

The previous version - G. Duncan, year unknown


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Profile updated 28 September 2003.