photo of flanagans hut
photo of flanagans hut
This hut is privately owned. Please obtain permission before entering.

Also known as Bill Parslows Hut or Bill Flanagans Hut, not to be confused with Jack Parslows Hut.

Located at the Livingstone Track, off New Rush Creek.

Map T8423-4-4 AMG Zone 55: 544619 5880368.

Photo: Sedgley for Graeme Butler and Associates and DSE Copyright 2004


photo of parslows hut
photo of parslows hut

William James Parslow was born 7 August 1909 to Ted and Edith Parslow. Bill went to the second world war with the RAAF and was discharged on 7 January 1946 after which he purchased this property from Jack Hallett. He built this hut with his brother Edward in 1947.

In 1970, Bill moved to Bairnsdale and leased the hut to the famous Albert Ah Sam then later sold it to Bill Flanagan in 1974. A new chimney was built in 1982 by Alan Disney.

Two sheds have also been built nearby. the hut is now used by the family on a regular basis and visitors are not encouraged.


Built with peppermint logs and corrugated iron from another hut on the Plains Property. The chimney was built of flat iron but was rebuilt of rubble stone. The roof is gabled. The hut is 5.84m x 3.86m. The hut has a wooden floor and contains an assortment of furniture.


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Butler sought information from Marg Hallett, Bill Flanagan, Alan Disney, Di Carroll and Kevin and Val Rawson regarding this hut.

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