photo of frenchmans spur hutLocated at Frenchmans Spur.

Drive along Frenchmans Spur Track to check out the hut. VicMap Big River (8122-44) has a Refuge Hut marked at 55H 422454, 5839760 (WGS84). Well, we can report that there was a hut at that location once but sadly now there are only a few bits of metal, beer bottles, and stones that were used in its construction. However we kept at it, backtracked and turned onto a small track at 55H 424118, 5838137 and followed it for about 120m into the bush and found a hut. Now on VicMap Matlock (8122-41) and at 55H 424187, 5838029.

Photo: Ron Dickson, 2004

Constructionphoto of frenchmans spur hut

Hut in fair condition, obviously used by Deer Hunters who have done some minimal maintenance. There is a fair amount of rubbish lying about. Short wooden planks are used for the walls, corrugated iron roof with aluminium guttering. Internally there are a couple of old large 'Jason recliners' and a couch, bunks, a bar, a sink fed with water from the tank, plus a 44-gallon drum serving as a fireplace. Unfortunately there are lots of empty cans lining the wall and in a large box. Most notable feature is the extremely high walls.