photo of gantner hut in snow

Located on the Mt Howitt walking track, near Macalister Springs. GR 706 858 on the Howitt-Selwyn map.

Also known as Gantner Hut

Photo: John Mitchell, 1971


photo of gantner hut

This building was constructed in memory of Vallejo Gantner in 1971 and was opened on April 17th that year. It is fantastically popular with bushwalkers.

Vallejo was an American born in 1942 who had huge enthusiasm for the high country, having been a member of the Sierra Club at age 9. He came to Victoria at age 12 and was educated at Melbourne Grammar. Vallejo was killed by his own rifle, while out hunting rabits, at the age of 19.

His mother, Neilma, asked the Victorian Governmetn for permission to build the hut as a memorial to her son, and this was granted. (NSW National Parks have a policy against building memorials of any kind).


The hut was designed by David McGlashan of McGlashan and Everist. Two acres of land were specifically reserved in 1971 by the Forests Commission for its construction.

Heyfield builder and family friend, Jim Beha built the hut with help from school boys from Box Hill High School and Melbourne Grammar. Construction was particularly difficult with stone being carried very slowly using an old Land Rover.

The construction is an architectural masterpiece, with interesting fittings based around a triangular theme. There is much carefull stonework by Reg Bertram and his son Graeme and carpentary by Lal Hallewell and Jerry van Poppel. The roof is made of copper sheets and is insulated!

Caretakers - not known


  • Hueneke Pp50 - 51 and 236.
  • G. Butler P114 to 117
  • Not in Magnussen
  • Siseman P94

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