photo of gattamurh creek hut
photo of gattamurh creek hut

Located on the Armstrongs Track near Gattamurh Creek, Suggan Buggan and at GR 297119 (labelled on the old map as a "camping shed".) It is marked but not named on the Suggan Buggan map correctly at GR 298121. The easiest access is for walkers to fod the Snowy River and follow Gattamurh Crek up to the hut following brumby pads.

Note that the original hut at Gattamurh Ford on the snowy (ref Butler) does not exist any longer, just a chimney base.

Photo: Craig Doubleday, 2006

Also known as Ventry Hut.


This hut was built by Tom Ventry in 1969 and modified in 1974 using Cypress Pine logs. Ventry was a dingo trapper for the Lands Department.

The hut is unusual for its isolation. It is reputed to be located downstream from the old surveyors camp, established in the 1920's and to the east of an earlier hut and yards at Gattamurh Ford.

Local families including the Rogers, O'Rourkes and Woodhouses have also used the hut for a variety of purposes. It is very similar to the original Slaughterhouse Ck hut in Kosciuszko NP and remains actively used.


Cypress pine logs with corrugateded iron walls and roof. The floor is dirt with rugs and old carpets to cover. There is also a water tank and bunks - see pic below. Half of the western and northern walls are open to allow good light.

It also has plumbing with water supplied from four tanks onsite. There is also a generator, lights and electric fridges.

Caretakers- Local families.


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