Located at Benambra Corryong Road, Gibbo River Junction, where the Benambra Rd once ended. 

This hut burnt in the 2003 fires.

It is at GR635321 on the Bairnsdale Swifts Creek maps. It sits just north of Mussurie ruin.

Also known as Gibbo, Dr Searles or Gibbo River Hut.


This hut was built by Bill Perkins in 1938 for Dr Jack Searle of Bairnsdale. Perkins was then a CRB roadsman.

Dr Searle provided medical services to people of the region until his death in 1973. The hut was occupied by his family until very recently.


It is a log hut with a corrugated iron gabled roof and a log walled skillion at the rear. It has a veranda. The windows are paired and of the four pane casement type.

Caretakers - none known.


  • Butler Pp128 - 130.
  • Magnssen - no ref.

Profile updated 28 September 2003.