photo of Mt Ritchie Rover Chalet
photo of Mt Ritchie Rover Chalet
Attached is a photo - although old, but it came from Mt Ritchie Rover Crew, who were the custodians of the hut until the time it got burnt down. Mt Ritchie rover Scout crew are still active, they may be able to fill in some blanks.

Mt Ritchie is near to Warburton and is off what apparently now known as RD10 but I remember it as Mt Ritchie track whick comes off the Acheron Way.

As a Scout we would have a winter camp at Warburton Scout Chalet, park at the bottom near Acheron way and play in the snow, Older scouts could go with the Venturers and hike into the hut, the year we did it I remember walking through 18" of snow.

I doubt Mt Ritchie would nowadays get much snow at all.

In later years as a venturer we would walk in an stay in the hut.

I remember it being on stumps with steps leading up to the door, cast iron wood heater inside, bunks and 2 seperate rooms, it was reasonably big and it had heaps of character. I cant remember it having a ceiling, but it may have. Certain memories etched in my mind, such as beer can candle holders.

Very cosy though, as one of the weekends in my mind was very wet and cold.

I imagine in days of old they would have week long stays in the snow up there.

Then later as a rover scout I led a hike to the hut, when arriving at the site only to be confronted with a group of Mt Ritchie rovers sitting in deck chairs around a burnt square patch of footings which was the hut. We were told a group of greenies had been through the month before and had burnt this hut, a hut on lake mountain and another not too far away. I think this was about `somewhere between 1989-1991, cant quite remember exactly.

I believe the toilet remains and the concrete fire dugout also remains, which is a source of amusement as the hut was never rebuilt.

The dunny had no door, but commanded a tremendous view from the throne overlooking the valleys.

Not sure when it was built.

Hope this helps

Andrew Cook