photo of gibsons hut

Located near the junction of Dunstans Logging Road and Shady Creek lower, Mt Pinnibar. GR850578 on the Gibbo Dart Map or Benambra 1:100,000 map. This hut did survive the 2003 fires.

Original Hut. Photo: Mitchell, 1972


Photo: Bill Statton, 1998photo of pinnabar hut

John Gibson came from the Orkneys about 1860 and had five sons in Australia, being John, David, Joseph, William and James. James settled near Corryong in 1899 and took up a lease on Pinnibar that year. He died in 1919 and his son Joseph and Joseph's son, also Joseph took over the lease that continued in the family's names for many decades.

The Gibsons built a number of huts at Thougla, Surveyors Creek, Pinnibar and Wheelers Creek, while their property abutted that of John Riley, the Man from Snowy River. The hut shown below is the original hut that he built.

The one shown above is the second hut on the site


Log cabin with iron roof.


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