Located at Golden Point, Millers Track, on the junction of the Little River and Left Hand Branch, near Mt Wellington.


This is the third hut at, or near to this site. Henry Miller, YankeeDave and Andy Grogan pioneered a new cattle route up Purgatory Spur to Mt Wellington, which was particularly successful. However in 1911, the rabbits arrived and drove many settlers off their land.

Henry Miller bought Blore's Clearing and pioneered a route over Ben Cruachan to Golden Point, where he built the first hut across the river from the current hut. It was built from logs and a bark roof. He built the second beside it.

The hut that stands todayis the thrid, and was built using materials from the other two across the creek about 1911. Miller was killed by a kick from a stockhorse, to his stomach, in 1938.


Timber, logs and iron gable roof.

Caretakers - David Gunter.


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