photo of higgins hutLocated at Mt Tamboritha, Bennison Plains. This hut is on "private" land - freehold. The owner is Kevin Higgins and the hut is generally locked.

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Photo: G Duncan, 2003

Also known as Mt Tamboritha Hut.


This is the fourth hut at this site. The original hut was called the Mt Tamboritha hut built by Michael Higgins Snr about 1894. It was a log cabin with a bark roof. It was accidentally burnt down in 1923.

Rex Miller built the second hut, but returning home one evening in 1933, found it burnt to the ground also.

Jack and Mick Higgins built the third and current hut that year, out of iron and logs and it stands today.


Iron walls and gable roof.


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  • Kevin Higgins - pers comm.

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