photo of honeymoon cottage

Located off Callaghan Road, Head of Morass Ck, Anglers Rest and at GR355086 on the Bairnsdale map. Walk from two old stock posts on the 4WD track. This hut was burnt down in the 2003 fires.

Photo: Fiona Mangussen, 2003

Also known as Huggins Hut.


Percy Huggins Snr first held the lease at GB40 in 1940 and took up this lease, GB50 after that. The hut was built by Percy, Stan "Tommyhawk" Johns and Ted Davis.

Percy was later married to Mary Faithfull and Peter and Richard Faithfull used the hut until their lease stopped in 1988, while Percy focussed on sheep rather than cattle.


The walls are log construction with a gabled iron roof over saplings. The chimney is an externally framed iron one. It is quite spartan with no windows.


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