photo of howitt hutLocated just off the Bennison Plains Road on the edge of the Howitt plains.

Photo: David and Bev Steer, 2001

Also known as  Howitt Hut.


Photo: Ron Dickson, 2003

photo of howitt hutWilliam Bryce held the leashold for Wonnagatta Station and the Howitt and Snowy Plains that wree included with in from 1870 to 1914.

He built the hut on the lease in 1899 and it was located very near to where the body of John Bamford was found after the Wonnangatta murders in 1918.


The hut was first built with drop slab walls but the roof and walls were re-clad with corrugated iron in 1938, however a recent inspection indicates that the hut was completely rebuilt in the 1920's to 30's. Gabled design, one of the first with the door near to the chimney so that the hut could be kept warmer. (The first with this design was Millers.)

Caretakers - none known.


  • Butler Pp 141 - 142
  • Hueneke Pp 38, 48, 238
  • Magnussen - none.

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