photo of joyce brockhoff hutLocated at Mt Hotham within the resort area. On the "Feathertop" map at GR129079 and elevation 1760m. It is 400m downslope from the Mt Loch track.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2002


The hut was built of stone in 1949 in memoriam to Joyce Brockhoff, one of Australia's first champion skiers.

Eric Johnson brought in the materials, except for the stone which was quarried nearby. The hut was declared derelict in 1990 but saved by the efforts of the Alpine Club of Victoria and Hotham Ski Club and Committee, who put a new roof on in 1996 and 1997.

Real effort was required to protect the hut and runs from fire in 2003, leaving this large hut in good order.

Caretakers - Mt Hotham Ski Company


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