Located about 200m off the Alpine Road at JB Plain.

A GPS Position is availble here.

Brief History

This is the second hut at this site. The first was built by the Omeo Ski Club in 1934 and demolished in 1989. It was a pre-fabricated building bought second hand from the Victorian Railways. It sat about 300m south of the new hut.

The hut was named after Jim Brown, manager of Cobungra Lease, for George Gray, from 1851. John Wells was JB's side-kick.

The new hut shown above was built in 1978, being removed by Pooncarie Pty Ltd, to be used for grazing on block D2. It was originally a Forests Commission hut and possibly came from Swifts Saw Mill (due to the unusual vertical weather boards).

When you stay, watch out for the "house mouse", a cheeky antechinus.


The hut has a gabled corrugated iron roof and skillion to one side. The brick chimney is typical of a late 60s design or 70s. Iron of the "Redcliffe" brand (late 19th century) was obviously re-used.

The vertical boards are V jointed softwood over an unusual softwood frame, probably oregan. The hut is lined with 150mm softwood and the floor is non-tongue and groove hardwood.

The building is about 9m square. As at Derricks, the guttering is under the eaves, so that the snow won't pull them off.

Caretakers - The Alpine School


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