Located at The Big River Fire Track, Mt Nelse. Shown on the Bogong High Plains map at GR312217.

Also known as Telemark Hut.

Brief History

The first hut was built in the early 1930s and was popular with skiers very soon afterwards, although it was built as the only hut in the Alpine Area for Sheep grazing. The builders were William Johnston and Chris Johnston of Tongio.

In 1947, CND Bant, Honourary Secretary of the Telemark Ski Club applied for a permissive occupancy for the site. CP Johnston had no issues with this. The Ski Club of East Gippsland aquired the permissive occupancy in 1966.

The hut burnt down on 17 May 1976, and the club immediately replaced it with a large tent, as the ski poles lead right to it.

The new hut was built in June 1976 and was of almost identical appearance. Both SCEG and the Wangaratta Ski Club were involved. Disputes went on for some time as the reason the hut was burnt and why it was locked and not available to the public.

Part had always been left unlocked as a refuge but this was small, and later enlarged (1983). Bookings for the main section, which includes heating and light, can be made by the public via a PO Box in Bairnsdale, but the club maintains a maintenance agreement from 1986, as a basis for their ongoing tenure.


The hut is 5.5m by 5.6m with a skillion to one side. The design is known as "American Country Club" with 110mm shiplapped hardwood boards and a corrugated iron roof. The hut was re-built on concrete piers, solving one of the key problems with early huts.


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Last updated 6 June 2004.