photo of kellys hut at marm point

Located at the Kelly Track near Cemetery Spur, Marms Point near the head of Wildhorse Creek.

Bogong High Plains map GR 330189 and elevation 1700m. It takes about 3 to 4 hours walk from Watchbed Ck on the Bogong High Plains Road. It is about 700m from Fitzgeralds hut.

Photo: Alan Levy, 2001

Also known as Rocky Valley SEC Commission Survey Hut

Brief History

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1988

photo of kellys hutThe first hut on the site was built by Kyran Marum and Jack Platt in 1901.

Patrick J Kelly built the second hut on this site in 1901, after grazing began on the lease in the 1890s. This hut has vertical slab walls, a paling roof and gabled structure, but was burnt down in 1956.

It was replaced with an SEC hut (originally built in 1928? - historical if it is), removed from the Rocky Valley site two years later. The Kelly family, through Mrs T Kelly and later her son, owned the lease until taken over by the NP in 1982.


A typical pre-fab SEC hut, with considerable modifications. The walls are 140mm shiplapped weatherboards over a hardwood frame. There are three sections to the hut.

The roof is corrugated iron and the floor of T&G hardwood. There is internal lining, mostly of caneite. The iron chimney has recently been restored.

Caretakers - Roper and Maddison families.


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