Photo of kellys hut

Located at Kellys Lane, Holmes Plain and shown on the Tamboritha Moroka map at GR780592.

Photo: Gary Duncan


James Vincent Kelly (Jimmy), son of Pat Kelly who first came to Gippsland in 1872, owned this hut. It was built for him by Denny Connolly and Charlie Howlett in 1934. The Kelly, Higgins and Holmes families were interested in breeding horses hereabouts, for the Indian market.

The area was named after Constantine and James Holmes, and their hut was nearby, but ruined by the 1920's. The chimney footings are visible.

Connolly and Howlett built the hut for James Keely with materials brought in by pack horse. J Norton had previously held the lease but Jim Kelly took it up as soldier settlement in 1920 after the first world war.


The hut has been modified many times over the years. The first was a drop slab building with a gabled roof and half a skillion shed. Vertical slabs and an iron roof were later used, plus an extension to the shed. The chimney has also been altered to an iron version, which is different to the first slab and stone chimney.

Unusually, the chimney is near the door.

Caretakers - None known.


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Profile updated 28 September 2003.