king river 1 ian hunter 2012
king river 1 ian hunter 2012

Located at King Basin Rd, King River and about 45kms south-east of Mansfield. Shown on the Howitt-Selwyn map.


Photo: Ian Hunter, 2012

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Numerous generations of the McCormack, Hearn, Gough and Ross families used this hut for many years.

It burnt down due to an unintended fire in 2008. A combined effort by Parks Victoria, the Victorian High Country Huts Association (VHCHA), Mansfield Shire Council and 4WD Victoria, King Hut rebuilt and was officially opened on Wednesday 18 January 2012.

Restoration works were undertaken throughout 2011 and included clearing of grounds, digging post holes, and rebuilding the chimney stonework, leading up to the actual construction of the hut. 

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