photo of lake cobbler shelterLocated at Cobbler Lake Track, at the Lake, Mt Cobbler. On the Howitt- Selwyn map at GR666994.

Brief History

Originally there were two huts at this site, one built in the early 1900s and the other around 1938. It was used by George Lovick who had the lease at Cobbler from the early 1900s.

George died in 1940 and Sam and Christopher Gorman had Cobbler Lease from 1929 to the late 1940's. Christopher built the huts for the Gorman family around 1900 and the later hut was built for the Lovick family. The first hut was built entirely of logs, the second entirely of palings. There are excellent photographs of each in Klaus Hueneke's new book.

The new hut was built by the Wangaratta 4WD Club in 1988. Attempts to catch fish in the lake met with no success.


Pole framed hut with half-log facings and a tin roof. The original hut was of logs with a bark roof, the second of palings, and both with gabled roofs.

Caretaker - Wangaratta 4WD Club


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