Located at the Benambra Corryong Road, Gibbo River Junction. Shown on the "Bairnsdale -Swifts Ck" map at GR 670361. Now a site with substantial ruins visible.

Also known as Lee's House and Patrol Depot.


Miner, Rod Urquart occupied the site first from 1924 to 1941. The former hut was moved here in 1946 by John Knight onto a Permissive Occupancy. Knight was both a miner and market gardener.

Laurence Lee obtained the Permissive Occupancy from February 1953 and lived here until 1981, when the site was then made an Omeo Shire Depot and Lee was a Shire employee.

In 1977, the site contained a substantial weatherboard house. Lee was told his occupancy would cease in 1990, but he retired to Benambra in 1988. The building was partly demolished in May 1991.


Weatherboard home,with brick chimneys.

Caretaker - none.


  • Butler Pp 180 - 181

Profile updated 19 August 2003.