Also known as Pendergast's Hut. And not to be confused with the Limestone Creek Hut that remains standing. This hut has now collapsed, but with the roof remaining fairly intact on the ground. It is the one referenced in the Butler Report.

Located at GR 922183 on the new Suggan Buggan map, or GR 921182 on the old. Both show the building but it is not named.

The status of this hut is un-certain. It was standing before the 2003 fires but may have been destroyed by them.


Built for the Country Roads Board (CRB) in 1923, in much the same way as the Dinner Plain and Boggy Creek CRB Huts were. A guaging station in poor condition stands nearby, about 5m from the creek.


The hut had three sides of vertical slabs, with a wooden floor and gable iron roof. The guaging station is in simple elevated skillion form, with cement board cladding and some weatherboards.

Caretakers - none.


  • Hueneke Pp200, 201, 239
  • Butler Pp49 - 52.

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