photo of lovicks hut

Located at the Bluff Track, Barclays Flat near Mt Lovick. On the Howitt Selwyn map at GR623 819.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1988

photo of lovicks hut rebuilding
photo of lovicks hut rebuilding

Photo of hut rebuilding, Bill Statton, 2006

The Lovicks built many huts, this is one of the more recent versions, constructed in 1960.

Their first hut was built by Jack Lovick Snr in 1925, about one mile from the summit of Mt Buller, but was later burnt down and called "The Burnt Hut". Jack Jnr (son of George, grandson of Jack Snr) took over the Buller lease in 1939 but some of his lease was taken by the resort in 1959, and he was given some other leases at King Billy and Mt Clear.

Jack Lovick Jnr was declared a "State Living Treasure" in 1980 after helping in a number of mountain SAR missions and also with the production of the two Man from Snowy River movies.

More recently, Parks Victoria has removed the hut, and possibly replace it with a much smaller hut in the delusionary belief that this will attract less 4WD vehicles to the historic site (and the great views).


The hut has been erected in stages and has a gabled form over large poles with iron roof and walls. Casement windows and other features abound including iron bunks, combustion stoves and water, shower and others. There is a simple veranda along the front. The floor is concrete.

Other huts were moved here in 1985 but removed in 1993.

This hut has been pulled down by Parks Vic for completely wierd reasons and a new smaller hut is being built - a picture of the frame is shown.

Caretakers - Lovick family.


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