Located on the MacFarlanes Flat Track, MacFarlanes Flat. Shown on the Suggan Buggan map at GR130190. (More like 126190). Supposedly burnt in the 2003 fires.

Also known as Buff Hut.


This hut is on Black Mountain Station, owned by John Churchill Rogers from 1902, until he sold half to Hayden in 1933. The remainder is known as "Rockbank" later shared amongst three sons Keith, Richard and John.

John Rogers owns the lease on which the hut now sits between the Toonginbooka and Ingeegoodbee Rivers.

AH Lavel took up the lease in 1965 and fenced part of it in 1968. In 1972 John Rogers again took the lease with far higher payments and 22 conditions.


Recently constructed with gabel roof and skillion veranda. Double hung windows with unusual balancing springs. Wooden floor.

Caretakers - Rogers family, actively used.


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  • Stephenson.

Profile updated 8 October 2003.