photo of mcdonalds hut

Located at McDonalds Road, Mt Baldhead.  Shortcut track and Pheasant Creek Track. Located on the Crooked River-Steve map at about GR435665 - this is a NEW GR and checked!

Photo: Ron Dickson, 2003

Also known as Joe's Hut.


Paul Mann is the grandson of the builder, Bill McDonald. Bill is no longer with us, but Paul quizzed his grandmother Dorothy (Bill's widow) about the construction of the hut. 

The hut and road are named after William (Bill) Donald McDonald. Bill was a dozer driver amongst other things. Bill McDonald worked for Jack Cuthbertson. They put the road in during spring 1951 ready for 1951/52 logging season. The hut was built at the same time ready for the men who worked up there for the season. Bill McDonald & Jack Fuhrmann built the hut. They worked for Cuthbertson & Richards.


Weatherboards with a gabled iron roof and unusual weatherboard chimney.

Caretakers - clearly there are some, but whom?


  • Ron Dickson - pers comm.
  • Paul Mann - pers comm.

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