photo of mcmichaels hut

Located at Shaws Creek, Kellys Lane, Bennison Plains.Shown on the Tamboritha Moroka map at GR779580.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1995


This hut is the second on the site and relatively new, replacing one built by Bill McMichael. The new hut was built by Bill Cumming about 1972.

The original land was selected by James C McMichael on the Big Flat at Licola in 1874, but this created tension with the neighbouring Riggall family. Eventually the McMichael runs were sold to the Robert Gilder, who continued with grazing while the McMichaels went into piggeries.

The old hut was burnt to remove the putrid corpse of a cow that had got itself caught inside.


The old hut was a simple gabled building with sheet iron cladding and chimney.

Caretakers - None known.


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