photo of mcnamaras hut buckety plain
photo of mcnamaras hut buckety plain
Located about three kilometres off the highway from Omeo to Falls Creek. Shown on the Bogong HP map a (or "Cope" map) at GR 296980. The origina hut was burnt in the 2003 fires. At the end of a good firetrail starting about 1.5km east of the cattle grid at Buckety Plain. There is a locked gate 300m before the hut site.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2004

Also known as Macks Hut or Roney Macs Hut.

photo of mcnamaras buckety plainBrief History

The Original Hut. Courtesy of Olaf Moon, 2002

Built for grazing and extended twice for horse tours, by Roney McNamara, Mick McNamara and Bill Toland in the 1940's.

The hut was largely rebuilt by Scouts in 1974, with further modifications being made by the Mittagundi Outdoor Education Centre in 1980 and to the wood store in the 1990s.

The hut was no longer used for grazing, but falls within the HG Faithfull Estate, managed by Mrs Sykes. Cattle were on-site in January 2002 during the visit, when the photograph above was taken.

The new hut was built by VHCHA in April 2004 and is shown above.


Log cabin, wooden floors (some dirt) with an iron roof. The flooring is butted 140 mm hardwood, and refurbishment with 190mm hardwood. Logs are chocked and some are rotting, but overall the hut is in good condition.

There are a number of elevated sleeping platforms for quite a number of people.

Caretakers - Mittagundi Outdoor Centre


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