photo of macnamara dinner plain hut
photo of macnamara dinner plain hut

Located on Youngs Track, Dinner Plain. Showing on the Bogong High Plains Map at GR278062, "7 Miles" from Youngs hut. The Hema map is actually incorrect, showing Youngs Fire Track as an extension of Callaghans Road, Anglers Rest. It is in fact a private mustering track. Callaghans Road ends at the gate to the private land now owned by the Maguires.

Photo: Bill Statton, 2004

The Parks Vic Ranger recommends access via McCoys Track, which leads off to the left about 5 kilometres down Callaghans Road. This connects to Grays Hill Track, then to Youngs Track which leads to the hut.


This hut was built in 1917 by Charlie McNamara on lease GB48 and remained leased right through into the 1990s.

Stan Johns was the architect. Jack and TJ McNamara assisted in the construction. It was built from logs with a wooden floor and being at over 1500m (4900 feet) altitude was often used in bad weather.


Built of snow gum logs with a gable tin roof and wooden floor. The chimney was built of logs with chocks and lined with stones. Originally it had a bark roof, held down with logs and wire. An extension has been added, which is made of iron.

Caretakers - Kelly, Maguire and Connley Families.


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