photo of millers hutLocated at the Mt Wellington Track, Taylor Lookout, on the Licola Map at GR842450.

Photo: Ray Waters, 2006

photo of millers hutHistory

Photo: G Duncan, 1995

This hut was first built in 1916 by Henry Miller a cattleman from Maffra. He had selected land on the Macalister River Flats and later purchased Riggall's grazing lease and cattle, to stock it. He used Riggalls hut until it collapsed, then moved here.

Lord Summers stayed here while on a hike with Rover Scouts to Lake Tarli Karng in 1930. It is also famous for being the first in the high country for having its door located near to the chimney, considered to be a warmer variant than any other.

The Rover CLub of Australia re-built the hut in 1987, replacing 14 posts and re-building the slab walls. The stone chimney was also rebuilt and iron replaced.


The original hut had a bark roof and gabled form, but was covered with corrugated iron from the early 1930s.

Caretakers - None known.


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