photo of mitchells hut

Located on the Mitchell Track, Mitchell Creek. Shown on the Skene Map GR433715

Photo: John Mitchell, 1971

Also known as Hoskin's Home


The original buildings were formed in about 1888, but the main house as known by many, was built in about 1936 by the Hoskins. Today it is a substantial ruin. The picture above, taken in 1971 shows that much remained at that time.

The Hoskins brothers took up the lease in the very early 1900s from the Mitchells. They moved back to Jameison in 1913, leaving the homestead vacant. The Rumpf bothers took over the grazing leases in 1929 until the early 1940s.

The remains were badly damaged by fire in 1989. Appears on the Rooftop 1:100,000 map.


The main house consisted of two joined gabled wings, with skillions attached and a detached kitchen, such was the style of the day. The walls were weatherboard and the original roofing was shingles, more recently covered with corrugated iron.

Caretaker - None.


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Profile updated 29 February 2004.