photo of moroka hut

Located off Moroka Valencia Creek Road about 200m, Racecourse Plain. Historic stockyards are to be seen nearby, some built from the original hut. On the Licola Wellington map at GR938483.

Photo: Rooftop Maps, 2003

Also known as Gilleo and Estoppey's Hut

photo of moroka hutHistory

Photo: Ron Dickson, 2003

Bill Gilleo and Andy Estoppey built this hut in 1946. They were assisted by Eric Bateson and Arch Timbs. Estoppey was still visiting the hut one year before his death in 1982 at the age of 76. He indicated great concern over the state of the hut and wished it to be restored. He was of Swiss descent.

Bob and Stan Dunsmir took over the leases through 1990s.

An earlier log hut existed on the site, built about 1900. It had log walls and a bark roof.


The first hut was a log cabin, as is this one, with some chocks and mud between the walls. The new roof is iron and maltoid or felt is fitted in the ceiling. The door was replaced in 1991, but much of the iron has rusted through.

Caretakers - Dunsmir Family


Hueneke Pp36, 240.

Butler Pp221 - 224

Magnussen - no reference.

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