photo of mount benambra hut
photo of mount benambra hut
Located on Mt Benambra up the Mt Benambra Road. Bairnsdale map GR512598. The picture shown above is of the new hut built in 2007.

Photo: Stephen Schmelzle, 2007


Built by the Forests Commission of Victoria about 1961 to service the nearby Fire Spotting Tower staff. An earlier cabin existed nearby, with a gabled roof.

The picture above shows the third hut built on this site, this one in 2007.


Skillion form with fibrous cement wall cladding, corrugated iron roof and pre-fabricated chimney. Aluminium framed windows. Internal lining of fibrous cement sheeting.

Caretakers - Country Fire Service.


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  • Stephen Schmelzle - pers comm.

Profile updated 17 May 2007.