Located at the Gibbo River Junction on a delightful bend in the river, Benambra to Corryong Road. 

On the Bairnsdale Swifts Ck map at GR636323 (Not at GR649336 as noted in the Butler report).

The hut was burnt down in the 2003 fires.

GPS - S36 45.121 E147 42.845.

Also known as Boyles Hut quite commonly.


The block was originally owned by W Perkins from 1941 to 1943, but the hut was not built until 1947 by John Knight. It was built for William Boyle Snr who was the Benamba Store keeper of the day. He had previously served in WW II and named the hut after a place in India, where he served.

A Permissive Occupancy was issued in 1948, so it may not have been built until 1949. The hut was about 500m north of Dr Searles Hut on the Gibbo Rier, just south of a small branch to the Gibbo, Pluto Creek.

The site appears to be on Block GB48, held by J Pendergast. William Boyle jnr took over the store in 1946. William Snr, who died in 1975, considered it to be the nearest place to heaven - obviously a popular holiday setting. It is such a great location, that it should be re-built.

Martin Boyle, son of William and also a Vietnam Vet is the current caretaker, and wishes to see the hut rebuilt and made availble for use by any organised group.

It was also used by the local constabulary for rest and recreation.


Gabled weatherboard building with butted floor boards and lined with masonite. Two brick fireplaces, with a metal chimney is now badly rusting.

Caretakers - Martin Boyle and family.


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Profile updated 28 September 2003.