Located besides the MVO track to the lighthouse, Wilsons Promontary NP. GPS points:55 446700E 5673500N WGS84 39 05 24S 146 23 07E NAV27 elev 216m which may make this the most southerly hut on the mainland!



The oregan timber suggests Defence Forces of WW2 vintage, considering the Prom's wartime use.

It appears to have heavy use, but using the hut frowned upon.


Walls and chimney are local rock mortered together. roof timbers sawn oregan, roof corragated iron, painted PWD green. floor is 6"(not 150mm) oregan tongue and groove. Interesting points are bolts and pipes set into the walls, and an insulator peg on the roof. The fire place now closed off with mortered rock.

Caretakers - NPWS

Profile last updated 29 October 2006.