Photo of Basalt Knob Hut

Also known as The Railway Carriage.

Origininally a storage shed at the Dargo Sawmill.


Photo: Bill Statton, 1998

The old railway carriage was purchased in about 1982 from a David Coates in Dargo by Ken Scott who carted logs in the area from around 1980-1987.

It is uncertain if the carriage was once owned by the Dargo mill, but it was sitting at the mill when Ken bought it. Ken then onsold it to David Eddy from 'Deeandal and Sons logging company' who harvested logs also in the area from 1981-1987.

During this time, Ken carted logs for David and it was Ken who transported the carriage from Dargo to where it sits now, using Davids low loader as this was where they had their log camp. At the time it was placed at the loggiong camp with two other huts that belonged to the mill at the camp to serve as storage and a windbreak for their caravans.

It is not certain when the other huts were removed by the mill, but David's carriage stayed there when the camp shifted, as he was still logging in the area . It was used as a storage hut, but was broken into and items were stolen. Upon leaving the Dargo area he always intended to remove the carriage but never got around to it.


  • Damien Scott, son of Ken Scott, 29th Jan 2018 Pers. comm.

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