Located at New Country Spur, Bogong High Plains, off the Big River Fire Track (GR 322258) - Nelse 1:25000 map T8324-2-4 UTM E532200 N5925820. In the Alpine National Park. Burnt down 2003.

Also known as Gap Cottage.


Jack Batty and Alf Bearse (an American and related to Batty by marriage, after coming to Australia for the gold rush) built this hut in 1938, for a stopping point on the grazing route to the high plains. Previously they had camped at Kellys Hut.

Jack Batty and his brother Bill were cattlemen from Omeo in the 1920's. Jack and Bill were amongst the rescue crew in the 1936 Cleve Cole disaster.

The lot was originally acquired by George S Fitzgerald from Maddison and Pritchard. Batty withdrew from the lease in 1951 due to grazing pressures in the high country with the last muster occuring in April 1952. Alf died in Canberra in 1963 and Bill at Swifts Ck in 1961. Jack lived to 85 and passed away in 1989 in Omeo.

A strong argument exists to re-build this hut or Ropers Hut, due to their strategic position.


A small hut measuring 4m x 2.8m, it was built with iron walls and roof, over a dirt floor. Had an iron chimney, which remains, and one window. The timber work came from local snow gums.

The hut was rebuilt and modified in 1980 or 1983.

Heritage Retain most material as found.

Caretaker - none known.


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