Located on the Alpine Road, at Corbetts Flats. On the Bogong High Plains map GR059085. The 1:25,000 map is Bogong Alpine T8324-3-3 and shows the location as AMG Zone55: 505900,5908500.


Originally built for hunting purposes in the early 1990s, from corrugated iron from a previous hut at the mine site. Machinery from the site was purchased by Richard Isley and some has now been moved to Bright township with some at Wandiligong. It included a 5 head battery and a 10 head version.

Amazingly, the hut survived the 2003 fires.


Built of local bush poles with no floor and no door. It is clad with used corrugated iron in a rough format.

Caretakers - none known.

Heritage Value: Below threshold.


  • Magnussen P21
  • Hueneke - none.
  • Butler Report II Pp 56-57
  • Lloyd BE Gold at Harrietville. Shoestring Press 1982

Profile updated 9 June 2005.