Photo of Black snake creek hut

Located at Black Snake Creek beside the road from Dargo to the Wonnangatta Valley and on the edge of the Crooked River. 

Photo: Gary Duncan 2003.

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Mining first occured here from 1867 by the Kong Meng Company until 1867 and followed by others at Black Snake Ck.

The original hut was built on the other side of the creek, with the famous James Bamford as its occupant until 1916. He moved to Wonnangatta on 14 December 1917, after which Jim Barclay's body was found on 20 December 1917. Bamfords papers were found at Black Snake Ck Hut after the murder, indicating that he intended to return.

For the original hut, the chimney remains. Alex McKerral, the investigating policeman for the Wonnangatta murders recorded that Bamford murdered his wife (married 4 June 1874) at this original hut, but this is not corroborated by the Registrar of births deaths and marriages. Her name was Mary Boyd. Author Rickets, of Victoria's Wonnangatta Murders, details this and related matters in his book.

Further mining was encouraged by the Government during the depression of the 1920's and 30's. so, the current hut was built about 1938 to support the mining in the area, following construction of a school in 1935 that operated to 1940. The first teacher was Bert Cliff. Jim Neville lived here until 1969 when he passed away.

Now commonly used by 4WDers. While showing its wear and tear, it was obviously a well built shelter. Would a 4WD club like to reserect it?


Iron walls over a pole frame and gable roof measuring 5.96m x 4.65m. No windows though one hole remains. A skillion also exists. The fireplace is made of pre-cast concrete. Mature walnut trees stand nearby.

Caretakers - None

Heritage Value: Not rated, but given the history, should be retained.


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