Located beside the road, about 6 km before Mt Hotham Resort.


A GPS location is available here. On the "Harrietville" map at GR 099060 at elevation 1670m. Right beside the Great Alpine Road.

Brief History

Blowhard hut was originally built for tourism, by the Victorian Tourist Board. As time went by, skiing became a greater passion and it was converted for this use.

Today, the hut is locked, and was not mentioned in the Butler Consultancy. It is undergoing some renovation and extension in 2003.


Built with corrugated iron walls and roof. The roof has a high gable and an unusually large skillion. Extended in the 1980s.

Caretaker Mt Hotham Trust Board


  • Hueneke Pp101,232
  • Magnussen Pp22 - 23
  • Butler - no reference.


Profile last updated 26 September 2003.