Located at The Bluff Track, The Bluff and showing on the Howitt Selwyn map at GR577810. 

Access is by 4WD or walk. This hut burned down in January 2007 by wildfires. The hut was re-built by VHCHA members and the Stoney family in December 2007.

Brief History

Grazing commenced at the Bluff Lease in the 1940s by Jack Ware and Eadley Stoney of "Minto Park". Jack Davon took over in the 1950's.

The Bluff hut was built in 1955, with all local cattlemen in the area assisting. Jack Ware shaped the all important timbers.

Jack Ware retired in 1965 and Eadley Stoney died in 1972, so the Bluff Run was taken over by his son Graeme. Chris Stoney took over the management of the run and hut in 1992.

Before this, Graeme was declined a "permissive occupancy" of the hut to run summer trail riding and nordic skiing, but was later given it (1985), for the old half of the hut only. Paying guests and non-paying jostled for use of the fire, within the old section.

In 1988, High Country Adventures requested the right to modify the hut to avoid this issue but was denied. The increased number of 4WD users, and this controversy has lead to increased interest in the heritage of the hut, and adverse comments on the extension.

Disputes over use have resulted in the story of Bluff Hut being haunted by a headless axeman (and it feels like that on a cold and damp day). The story is in Ian Stapleton's book, see below.

Rebuilt in December 2007.

Courtesy of John Mitchell, 1973
Courtesy of John Mitchell, 1973


The centre part of the hut is the original, with a concrete floor and gable roof over sapling poles, plus a standard skillion. The two ends are extensions, and do little to maintain the original grazing format.

The picture below, shows Stoney's hut as it was in 1973.

Caretakers - High Country Adventures.


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