Located on the Fainter Fire Track, Bogong Jack Saddle. Shown on the Bogong High Plains map at GR163233.

Also known as Bogong Jacks

Photo Bogong Jacks Hut 1953
Photo Bogong Jacks Hut 1953


Bill Hicks placed this hut here, to replace a previous one owned by notorious cattle duffer, Bogong Jack. The Fainter FT was built in 1965, following a cattle route from Maddisons Hut to Wallace's hut a distance of 24 miles.

The first hut here was built in 1900 and was replaced in 1919 by Stewart and Hoolonds after the first was burnt down in 1914. Syd Ryder helped build the second which was 15 feet by 13.

The 1919 hut was replace by the current version (number 3) in 1958 which resembles an SEC hut of the period.


A timber floor hut clad in corrugated iron, with no lining. Later a masonite lining was added, but no ceiling. The hut originally had a pot belly stove installed.

Historic photo on the cover of 'Walk' Journal of the Melbourne Bushwalkers by Gerda Schwerin

Caretakers - Nil known.


  • Magnussen Pp92 - 93
  • Butler Pp36 - 38
  • Hueneke Pp 232

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