Located at Bon Accord Spur, Mt Hotham. Shown on the Bogong High Plains map, GR091095. Burnt down in the 2003 fires.


In 1896, the government financed the construction of a mining track from Harrietville up the Ovens River, Bon Accord Spur and then to the Razorback. It lead to the Bon Accord mine, and was also used as a cattle track by Blair and others.

John Lawler held the first grazing rights here, followed by Whitehead and William Lawler, who is reputed to have built the first hut here. More likely, the first hut was built in 1929 for the Tourist Resorts Committee in 1929, but burnt down in the 1939 fires.

This hut (possibly the third) was rebuilt by Martin Lawler in 1939 for the Victorian Railways, as a tourist shelter, and was featured in the Kiewa Scheme plan.

In 1932, the University Ski Club championships were held at Mt Hotham,encouraging locals to do further development on the Bon Accord route, which then became favoured by local skiers.

Eric Johnson later guided ski tours up the mountain from 1943 onwards. Johnson built a tiny hut about half a mile to the east, on a Permissive Occupancy which was returned in 1950.


The hut was clad in corrugated iron with a timber floor and large stone fireplace. A cement sheet ceiling exitsted but no other lining. It also featured two 12 pane windows.


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Last updated 13 October 2003.