Located at Burnside Creek off the Omeo Highway. On the Shannonvale map, GR 430130. It is necessary to ford the Mitta Mitta river to reach it. Burnt down in the 2003 fires.


PJ Kelly and Mick McNamara built this hut in the early 1900s on Lots C8 and C9. PJ Kelly is reputed to have used the hut until he died in 1955, aged 82.

When completed, they decided to have a party. "What will we do?" said one. The reply came, "We'll put the billy on and you can sing a song, and I'll sing a song, and we'll both sing songs until the jackass laughs in the morning" (from Tor Holth).


A classic log cabin, with iron roof in reasonable condition.

Caretakers - none.


  • Hueneke Pp205, 206, 232.
  • Butler P43.

Profile updated 8 October 2003.