photo od bus hut

Located at the Mine Creek Area on the Number 3 Road to the north of Mount Buller. GR 502950 (TBC)

Also known as Ivans Hut

Photo: Ron Dickson, 2004.



Bus GD


This was orginally two huts, that were towed to the area, to be used by miners working at Mine Creek, in the early 1960's. It is also known as Ivans Hut, as Ivan Carlson lived in it for some years, but has now retired to Mansfield.


Wooden floor with weatherboard walls and a iron roof. Has a steel and iron fireplace surround which is now very damaged, as shown in the photo by Ron Dickson above taken in February 2004.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 1994


  • Hueneke P87, 233.
  • Robin Rishworth - Pers comm.
  • Ron Dickson - Pers comm.

Last updated 15 February 2004.