photo of christie orourkes hut
photo of christie orourkes hut
Located beside the Ingeegoodbee River Track at GR183194 on the new Suggan Buggan map (marked but not named) or GR 182192 on the old map (but not marked). Access is best made along the Ingeegoodbee Track from the Barry Way near Suggan Buggan, on foot or by 4WD.

This is a replacement for the original hut destroyed in the 2003 fires and stands on a private enclave inside the Alpine National Park.

Photo: Craig Doubleday, 2006


Originally built to support grazing and brumby running in the local area, it is still in active use.


The floor is part concrete slab, and part dirt. Over this is a frame of timber covered in corrugated iron and is very large, more than 7m square, and open-plan except for a small bathroom.

There is a partially enclosed verandah at the front which is used for feed and harness storage by horse riders.

Water is supplied from a water tank via pipes and a 200 litre drum in the fireplace has a hot water service.

There are also light fittings and powerpoints in the hut, to be connected to a generateor brought in for major stays. Heating is provided by either an open firepalce or slow combustion stove.

The hut is unlocked and so the logbook indicates that horse riders, brumby runners, bushwalkers, mountain bike riders and cattlemen visit and use it.


  • Butler
  • Craig Doubleday - pers comm 2006.

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